Future of Japan's bearing industry

1. It is predicted that the globalization of Japanfs bearing industry will continue in the future. Japanfs bearing makers began manufacturing operations in North America and Europe in the 1970s to serve customers in these regions, and starting in the latter half of the 1990s, they set up bases in areas such as Southeast Asia and China as well in order to meet the demand of global customers for local supply at each of their plants worldwide. As market structures in America, Europe and Asia continue to evolve, the need for effective management of global operations by Japanese bearing makers will increase.

2. Japanfs bearing makers, through aggressive R&D efforts, are pursuing the creation of products with greater compactness, lighter weight, higher speed capability, higher precision, longer life, and a higher degree of environmental friendliness. They will continue research to enable the creation of unit products that combine bearings with peripheral parts and other new products with improved performance and ease of use through the utilization of product technology cultivated thus far within Japanfs bearing industry.


3. Japan's bearing industry will continue supporting the advance of numerous machine industries and contributing to the creation of a safer, more convenient society. In the area of environmental protection in particular, it will endeavor to improve bearing function and life in order to make bearings more environmentally friendly and eliminate the discharge of environmentally harmful substances during the bearing manufacturing process.