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President   Akihiko Shimizu

Akihiko Shimizu
Address 570-1 Otori-Higashimachi 6-cho,
Nishi-ku,Sakai City, Osaka 593-8324, Japan
Phone +81-72-271-1221
Fax +81-72-273-0058
Company Profile
Asahi Seiko started its business in May 1928 as a bearing maker and is the first Japanese bearing manufacturer that produced bearing units. Since then, Asahi Seiko has been striving for providing more standardized and interoperable bearing units, as a pioneer of a bearing unit. In 1975, Asahi Seiko further expanded its business field by penetrating into other fields such as mechanical clutch, air clutch, air clutch-brake, and linear motion equipment. These ceaseless efforts allowed Asahi Seiko to be one of the reliable bearing brands by customers from all over the world. Asahi Seiko promises customer satisfaction through continuous improvement.