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Nobuhiko Izumoto
Address 1-343, Tannan,
Matsubara-city, Osaka 580-0013, Japan
Phone +81-72-332-1620
Fax +81-72-336-0236
Company Profile
Izumoto Seiko carries out all operations from forging through finished-product assembly for ball bearings, which are critical machine components that require high precision. At Izumoto Seiko's factories-regarding which ISO 9002 certification has already been obtained-quality control is of first importance. Also, the company in June 2000 completed its headquarters factory relocation and achieved a dramatic improvement in work environments and efficiency. To meet the demands of customers in the very competitive bearing industry, Izumoto Seiko has adopted a motto of providing special bearings and other types of bearings to customers with the best in quality, price and delivery.