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Address 806 Kakizuka-shinden,
Kuwana-city, Mie 511-0861 JAPAN
Phone +81-594-22-3155
Fax +81-594-22-3170
Kenichi Nishimura
Company Profile
In line with a motto of striving for excellence in quality based on the customer's viewpoint, HKR has obtained certification in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QS-9000. HKR has the leading market share in Japan for its main product, universal joints, and supplies precision automotive components not only to most domestic automakers but also to numerous overseas automakers. HKR is able to deliver high-quality, low-cost products and specializes in the integrated manufacture of precision components, including all stages from cold forging to machining, heat treatment and grinding, as well as the development and functional testing of small assembly products. Its main products are precision automotive components, universal joints, engine and transmission parts, bearings, pins, and special-purpose machines. It has a production line in the Philippines and a sales office in America and China.