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President Shinichi Fujino
Address 1-36 Zaimokucho-nishi 3-cho
Sakai-city, Osaka 590-0941 JAPAN
Phone +81-72-229-4047
Fax +81-72-229-4044
Company Profile
Through its superior technical capability and a flexible manufacturing system capable of handling multiple-type, small-lot requirements, Fujino Iron Works manufactures special ball bearings to meet specific customer needs. It designs products made from high-carbon chrome bearing steel and other special steel materials (such as chrome molybdenum steel and stainless steel) to meet particular application requirements and can manufacture high-precision bearings with a variety of inner diameter configurations-such as square, hexagonal, or oval-or with outer diameter grooves that are, for example, U-shaped, V-shaped, or W-shaped. Such products are receiving the wide praise of customers.