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Address 3-9-6 Mita,Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-8330 Japan
Phone +81-3-6758-6711
Bang Pa-in Plant(Thailand)    
    President and CEO
Yoshihisa Kainuma
Company Profile
MINEBEA was established in 1951 as Japan's first domestic manufacturer to specialize in miniature ball bearings. Now MINEBEA has become the manufacturer of high-precision mechanical and electronic components, including: miniature and small-diameter bearings indispensable for information and telecommunications equipment, aerospace-related equipment, electronic/electric appliances, automobiles, machinery, etc.; various precision small motors such as spindle motors for HDDs (hard disk drives), stepping motors, fan motors; storage media for personal computers (e.g., floppy disk drives (FDDs)); magneto-opto disk drives (MODs)); and keyboards for personal computers.