About the Japan Bearing Industry Association

The Japan Bearing Industry Association (JBIA) was inaugurated in October 1963 and reorganized into a public corporation in December 1979. Its membership comprises companies engaged in the manufacture of bearings and components thereof, and it carries out a variety of activities aimed at promoting industrywide stability and growth. Recently, the roles of the JBIA have diversified as it seeks not only to tackle issues in Japan but also to pursue international exchanges and participate in the formation of countermeasures for such global issues as imitation bearings and environmental protection. Through the meetings it sponsors, the JBIA gives members the opportunity to exchange general information about industry trends and provides opportunities to discuss general areas of mutual interrest,such as preventing counterfeiting.

The 31th General Meeting(May 2010 ) The 30 th Deliberating Council Meeting (November 2009)

The JBIA is led by a general assembly, which is supported by a deliberating council and a board of Directors. Under the board of directors is a policy committee as well as eight committees that carry out specific activities in the following areas: administration, investigations, international trade, technical, labor, small and medium businesses, needle roller bearings, and bearings units. In addition, the policy committee and eight committees are each supported by specialized subcommittees and working groups.